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We start with a solid foundation. Service. M.G. Newell is a leader in providing unparalleled service to the sanitary processing industries. We have achieved this through our extensive experience and total focus on the needs of our customers. We stay attuned to your needs throughout every phase of our relationship with you. How do we do this? We listen. As a full service supplier of systems, solutions, and components, M.G. Newell embraces each of our customers as a true partner. Your concerns are our concerns. Your problems become our problems. Ultimately, our expert solutions and service become your plan for success.

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Product Spotlight

UL Certification

M.G. Newell is pleased to announce that we are now a UL-508A certified panel shop! Congratulations to our entire staff of Controls and Automation engineers and technicians on this milestone achievement!

What is UL-508A Certification?

A UL-508A Panel is an electrical control panel with a UL-508A Label that certifies it meets the UL-508A  safety standard and was produced by a UL-508A Panel Shop.  The construction of the entire unit has been tested, including its ability to safely function within the specified voltage, current and circuit ratings.

UL-508A certification applies to industrial control panels operating from a voltage of 600 volts or less, in accordance with NEC, ANSI/NFPA 70.

When you think about the simplest, lowest cost way to provide an equipment package with third party approval, the answer is provide a UL-508A panel as part of the equipment package.

Inspectors will generally approve your newly installed equipment package with a UL-508A label on your control panel because it certifies your adherence to a generally accepted safety standard.

Contact your local M.G. Newell rep or email us at sales@mgnewell.com to get more information.

About Us.

M.G. Newell is a full service provider of sanitary equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. We carry a broad range of pumps, valves, tanks, fittings, and other manufacturing supply needs. In addition to general supplies and parts, we also work with customers to design and fabricate cost-effective, customized systems to fit their space requirements.

Our engineers build sanitary design into every system, from pump carts to valve clusters to batch, mixing or inline blending systems. Our field technicians conduct instrument repair, preventative maintenance, calibration of existing equipment and assist in startup of new installments on-site.

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“It was a pleasure working with M.G. Newell on this project, from beginning to end. You continuously demonstrated the kind of professionalism and dedication to quality and safety that we expect in our contracting partners. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Tom Baxter
Engineering and Technical Services Manager – Bush Brothers