“I felt that (Newell University) was factual, informational, and unbiased, versus a training session designed just to sell a particular vendors products.”
- A. Hernandez




Newell University is a seminar series aimed at educating plant engineers, operation managers, maintenance managers, QC personnel, and plant leadership.  They are technical in nature in small class room settings using hands-on and real life examples. We offer these classes at our offices or at your facility.


Greensboro - Sept 22nd - focused on pharma industry

Greensboro - Sept 23rd - focused on food and beverage industry.

Louisville - Oct 21st - focused on food and beverage industry

The agenda will cover the basics of controls and automation (control loops, P&ID, etc) and a mixing overview (powder induction, shearing, etc).

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Are you interested in hosting a class for your associates at your facility? Contact us to review the topics and dates that fit your schedule.


Fundamentals of Controls and Instrumentation

Fundamentals of Heat Exchange

Positive Displacement and Centrifugal Pumps, Valves

CIP Fundamentals and Motor Fundamentals


Homogenizer Overview and Problem Solving