Positive Displacement and Centrifugal Pumps, Valves

Our pump classes discussed the fundamentals of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps. When to use which pump, types of products appropriate for each pump along with temperature, viscosity and sizing of pumps were all addressed … Read More

CIP Fundamentals and Motor Fundamentals

The CIP Fundamentals class dissected all aspects of CIP. From how they work, to size and tank configuration, to spray balls and flow, the CIP Fundamentals session explained the CIP from all angles. The Fundamentals … Read More


Our metallurgy class taught the whole tree of metals and the applications for them. The class also discussed the different signs of fatigue and other factors in wear. There was a video of watching a … Read More

Fundamentals of Heat Exchange

The Fundamentals of Heat Exchange explained all that goes on during the transfer of heat. In detail, the class covered how the exchange of different medias and ingredients and the variety of types of heat … Read More

Fundamentals of Controls and Instrumentation

The Fundamentals of Controls and Instrumentation discussed all the elements of control automation and instrumentation. Motors, starters, relays and control panels were reviewed on one session. How they work and what their jobs are as … Read More