Eliminate mixing issues with a FastFeed

admix fastfeed

A juice manufacturer dumped powders into the top of blend tanks which are on a mezzanine about 15’ high. Their process re-circulated pectin through an old-fashioned Tri-blender and tank arrangement. They said, “We don’t have … Read More


BFM Fitting with blue band

The BFM® Fitting Difference gives multiple different solutions to making a cleaner, safer and more efficient environment because that is what is important. Flexible and Efficient Connectors is what is necessary to be to that … Read More

UL-508A Certification

M.G. Newell is happy to announce that we are now a UL-508A certified panel shop! Congratulations to our entire staff of Controls and Automation engineers and technicians on this milestone achievement! What is UL-508A Certification? A UL-508A Panel is … Read More

Operation of the Steam/Water Venturi Mixer

Steam enters the valves through the lower steam inlets and passes through venturi inlets into the mixing chamber. Cold water enters the valve through the upper water inlets and passes through into the mixing chamber. … Read More

JBC-100 Batch Controller

Process control at your fingertips with the JBC-100 Batch Controller The JBC-100 Batch Controller puts flow control directly into the hands of the line operator.  The control unit regulates the quantity of flow to either … Read More