Eliminate mixing issues with a FastFeed

admix fastfeed

A juice manufacturer dumped powders into the top of blend tanks which are on a mezzanine about 15’ high. Their process re-circulated pectin through an old-fashioned Tri-blender and tank arrangement. They said, “We don’t have a mixing issue.” Sound familiar?  However, they were interested in a process to get pectin into solution more efficiently.

Admix FastFeed skid solves your mixing issues

Admix’s FastFeed™ to the rescue. With a rental unit setup completed, we spent the day testing the unit. The powders were a no-brainer. What once took hours was completed in minutes. With the demo breezing right along, we noticed that they were pumping concentrates with a very large and inefficient diaphragm pump. After some discussion, we decided to add a tee and wand on the suction side of the FastFeed™ to test how the FastFeed™ would handle the concentrate. The result – we were able to pump the concentrate at a flow rate that was very close to their diaphragm pump and certainly at an acceptable rate. Now they are handling pectin powder and concentrate.  That’s two birds with one stone!  That’s making it work better!

Some key points to consider for your mixing applications:

  • Eliminate the risk of injuries by handling powders on the floor.
  • Eliminate particulates in bottom of tanks due to poor mixing.
  • Get consistent batches with a single pass.
  • FastFeed™ makes any size batch – not limited to batch tank size
  • Eliminate Tri-Blender (and sifting powder), diaphragm pump (dirty air) and large Breddo motors (bottom seals, power savings).  These save energy, maintenance, and down time.
  • CIP FastFeed™ on same circuit as tank, lines, etc.
  • Reduce your footprint with no need for additional slurry transfer pump.
  • Eliminate the requirement for hot water to dissolve powders which definitely saves energy.
  • Eliminate wasted time adding water to a blend tank without inducting ingredients into the tank at the same time. It reduced batch times significantly.

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