Engineered Valves


M.G. Newell is proud to be a key partner for ITT.  We have extensive experience with their products and offer full engineering and technical support to make sure you get the right product for your application.

ITT has a rich and vibrant legacy, shaped by world-class products and services, technological leadership, international expansion and a series of successful reinventions. Beginning as a telecommunications provider, ITT grew to be one of the largest global conglomerates and completed multiple demergers, before becoming the focused global multi-industrial company it is today.

 M.G. Newell partners with ITT to provide engineered diaphragm and specialty valves, control tops and actuators to the pharmaceutical industry.



Standard Pure-Flo ® Valve

The Pure-Flo valve has earned a reputation for
innovation, quality and performance. Providing
products from standard forged valves to the most
innovative block technology, each and every
Pure-Flo valve is engineered to the highest
standards. ITT Pure-Flo offers high quality hygienic
valves and process components. Through both
standard and custom valve assemblies, ITT is
committed to helping the industry operate more
effectively, efficiently and safely

EnviZion ® Valve

ITT’s breakthrough technology, the EnviZion valve,
sets a new standard for the future of hygienic
diaphragm valves. The EnviZion valve is designed
specifically to help customers install, operate, and
maintain their valves more efficiently. This unique
design provides a significant reduction in total
cost of ownership while supporting the industries’
goals to increase productivity, improve reliability
and enhance cleanability.


Standard Pure-Flo Valve


Pure-Flo ® Block and Bleed 

  • The double block and bleed method of creating an
    aseptic barrier between two processes is widely utilized
    in the Bioprocessing industry. Traditionally three standard valves would be fabricated into the double block
    and bleed configuration. The Block and Bleed Drain
    (BBD) and Block and Bleed Vent (BBV) valves integrate
    these three valves into one compact block, minimizing
    hold up volumes and enhancing cleanability. The compact design allows for greater valve density and flexible
    system design.

    Pure-Flo ® Zero Static Block Body Tee

    • Zero Static use points are some of the most critical
      valves utilized in the Biopharmaceutical industry. Use
      point valves allow process fluids to be transferred,
      sampled, drained or diverted with minimal impact on
      critical systems such as WFI and purified water.

    EnviZion and BioviZion


    Integrating Sensing Platform (ISP) 

    • The Integrated Sensing Platform ® (ISP) is the next generation of
      linear position sensing developed specifically for the toughest
      applications in the Biopharm and sanitary industries.
    • This ultra-compact sensing module is the result of Engineered
      Valves partnering with a recognized leader in valve
      communications and control. Combining Engineered Valves
      knowledge of valve design with cutting edge valve position
      feedback and network communications, the ISP delivers
      industry leading sensing technology for EnviZion and Pure-Flo
      hygienic diaphragm valves.
    • With an optional internal solenoid, commissioning the ISP
      couldn’t be easier. A simple mounting configuration, auto
      calibration and continuous sensing make the ISP quick and
      reliable to install, calibrate and operate.
      Constructed of highly durable, lightweight plastic with
      completely potted electronics, the ISP is well suited for typical
      industry washdowns.