For over 130 years, M.G. Newell has remained a full-service provider of sanitary equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. We carry a broad range of pumps, valves, tanks, fittings, and other manufacturing supply needs. Our process engineers work with customers to design and fabricate cost-effective, customized systems to fit their space requirements.

In addition to stainless steel equipment, our Newell Automation team develops full process control systems. Our controls engineers partner with our process engineers to design and build batch control, cleaning or other process parameters into your plant. When M.G. Newell develops smart production systems, Newell Automation takes the process to the next level by allowing you complete control at the touch of a button.

Our engineers build sanitary design into every system, from pump carts to valve clusters to batch, mixing or inline blending systems. For more about us, click the link below.


We Make It Better.


We start with a solid foundation: service. M.G. Newell provides unparalleled service to the sanitary processing industry. Our extensive experience allows us to provide project insights with complete focus on the needs of our customers. We stay attuned to your needs throughout every phase of our relationship with you.
How do we do this? We listen.

With a clear understanding of your business challenges and needs, we at M.G. Newell will be your partner in product solutions.



Kest Technology

Now ISO Certified

We are pleased to announce that our partner Kest Technology recently received certification for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.  CEO Goran Kristiansson states, “This was an important step for Kest to secure and improve the quality and environmental work along with the future growth of the company.”


Kest offers a line of components for critical pharmaceutical processing.  Products include:

  • Kest Mixer – range of mag-driven mixers for processes from 200L up to 20,000L
  • Kest Lock – a patented quick connection for tri-clamp couplings that requires no tools
  • Kest Sampling – a self-sealing silicone diaphragm sampling port
  • Custom and retrofit options – Mixers, mixing heads and tanks ends can be customized

For full information, check out the Kest website or contact us.


As a full service supplier of systems, solutions, and components, M.G. Newell embraces each of our customers as a true partner. Your concerns are our concerns. Your problems become our problems. Ultimately, our expert solutions and service become your plan for success. Below are some of our top brand partners and a link to their thoughts on working with us. View Testimonials.

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M.G. Newell is pleased to support the following associations serving the sanitary food, beverage and pharmaceutical market.

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