About Us

Established 1885



M.G. Newell, founded by Myron G. Newell of Elmira, NY, opened in Greensboro, NC in 1885 selling everything from hand churns to buggies. Over the years, the company has expanded into the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and personal care industries, having evolved from being a full-line distributor to a full-service systems integration company.

With over 135 years in business, M.G. Newell is dedicated to developing better products and systems built to last.

To put it simply, We Make It Work Better.

Currently, M.G. Newell has three locations: Greensboro, NC, Louisville, KY, and Nashville, TN. With the addition of the Louisville and Nashville divisions, the original M.G. Newell now functions as the corporate headquarters and houses the Greensboro division.

M.G. Newell is honored to accept the 2015 NC Family Business of the Year Award in the Century Category.

The following video, developed by Wake Forest University as a component of this prestigious award, takes a closer look at M.G. Newell and what makes our team unique.



Find out how it all began. Join us as we explore the rich past of M.G. Newell below.