Newell University


Newell University is a seminar series aimed at educating plant engineers, operation managers, maintenance managers, QC personnel and plant leadership.  The sessions are technical in nature in small class room settings using hands-on and real life examples.  We offer these classes at our office or at your facility.

Upcoming Dates

No classes scheduled at this time.

Are you interested in hosting a class for your associates at your facility?  We can provide a 1 hour Lunch and Learn or a full day of training.

Contact us to review the topics and dates that fit your schedule.

Previous Topics

PD, Centrifugal, AODD, Twin-Screw, Understanding pump curves
Single-seat, Mix-Proof
Passivation, stainless and alloy types
Basic function of, Types of
How they work, Maintenance of, Troubleshooting of
“I felt that (Newell University) was factual, informational, and unbiased versus a training session designed just to sell a particular vendors products.”A. Hernadez - Fareva