Newell Automation

Understanding the Purpose Behind the Process



Control system integrators design and implement sophisticated control systems for manufacturing facilities.  Using their knowledge of engineering, information technology and your process, they integrate plant equipment and automate manufacturing processes.  Automation helps manufacturers and processors reduce cost, increase production, use less energy and lower environmental impact.

We are pleased to offer our customers Newell Automation - a team of controls engineers that average 20+ years of experience.

Our group of control specialists have the capabilities to build plant system programs from scratch or integrate into your existing one. We can do small program changes or build entire control systems. We can fabricate a control panel customized to meet your process needs.  Did we mention that we are also a UL-508A certified panel shop?

Want to upgrade an existing system? We can do that too. Our ability to work with your plant can be the difference you need. We can improve your process times, reduce your down times, provide instant feedback on your process that will all ultimately make your plant more efficient and boost the bottom line.

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