Kest Technology – ISO Certified

We are pleased to announce that our partner Kest Technology recently received certification for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.  CEO Goran Kristiansson states, “This was an important step for Kest to secure and improve the quality and environmental work along with the future growth of the company.”

Kest offers a line of components for critical pharmaceutical processing.  Products include:

  • Kest Mixer – range of mag-driven mixers for processes from 200L up to 20,000L
  • Kest Lock – a patented quick connection for tri-clamp couplings that requires no tools
  • Kest Sampling – a self-sealing silicone diaphragm sampling port
  • Custom and retrofit options – Mixers, mixing heads and tanks ends can be customized

For full information, check out the Kest website or contact us.