Our patented industrial connector technology makes manufacturing cleaner, safer and more efficient – here’s how.


  • 100% sealed, eliminating leaks and dust
  • No product build-up means better hygiene
  • Easy to flush through for cleaning

Setting new standards:  

With traditional hose-clamp systems, powder leaks through hose clips and there’s build up between spigot and connector. BFM® connectors seal from the inside so they’re 100% sealed, leak and dust-free. There are no crevices to collect product.


  • Improved performance under (positive and negative) pressure
  • No tools required for fitting = reduced health & safety risks
  • Transparent BFM® connectors allow you to see product flowing between machines

Setting new standards:

With traditional hose-clamp systems, over-pressure and explosions caused hose clamp failure. With BFM® fittings, connector blow outs and leakage are eliminated because BFM® connectors seal from the inside. Under pressure the flexible metal cuffs push outward against the inside of the spigot, tightening and improving the seal.

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More efficient

  • The more flexible, robust materials of BFM® connectors, over traditional connectors, significantly extends product lifeflexible connector
  • Snap-in fit makes installation easy
  • Standardized BFM® connector sizes mean you need to keep less stock

Setting new standards

Inaccurate measurements and product variations with traditional hose clamp systems made installation a challenge. With BFM® connectors, change-overs happen fast, and can be carried out in less than 40 seconds so expensive outages are a thing of the past.

BFM® connector sizes are manufactured in standard lengths and diameters, that means you can standardize BFM® spigot and connector sizes across the factory so need to keep less spare stock on-hand.

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