100% Sealed Flexible Connectors


M.G. Newell is proud to be a key partner with BFM® Fitting. We have extensive experience with their products and offer full engineering and technical support to make sure you get the right product for your application.

BFM fitting is the connector of choice for global manufacturers in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and mineral industries. From metal detectors to sifters, high pressure or vacuum, BFM fitting connectors are used in a wide range of industrial applications.

Years of expertise and industry knowledge have created a transformed flexible connector.

    Benefits of BFM Connectors vs Traditional Hose Clamps

    The BFM Fitting system comprises two spigots (or flanges) that are welded to your pipes, and a snap-fit flexible connector that seats on the inside of the shaped portion of the two spigots, holding it securely in place; The stainless steel spigots have a tail 52mm long. These can be easily cut down or cut on an angle to suit your existing pipework.

    BFM's flexible connectors are available in a wide range of diameters and lengths. Pipe and spigot length can be adjusted to ensure the optimum fit within an appropriate Installation Gap (IG) for the connector length (CL).

    The Installation Gap is always slightly smaller than the actual connector length to allow for ease of connector replacement and any offset or movement during operation.


    BFM Fitting Product Range


    The system works by pumping pressurised air
    between the silicone cuff of the BFM® connector
    and the spigot.

    Air line sensors immediately detect if this outward
    pressure is released as the connector cuff begins
    to get pushed inwards anywhere around the
    connector when it is being removed, setting off an
    alarm and/or shutting off any moving parts below.

    The system has a tamper-proof gauge, and can
    also be used as a positional sensor to ensure all
    connectors in a large plant are installed correctly at
    all times.