Installation & Fabrication

Our Stainless-Steel Solution



M.G. Newell offers superior quality and timely installation service. Our experienced project managers coordinate every project from start to start up. Our crews have years of experience in a variety of processes. From milk to sauces, margarine to chocolate, WFI loop to toothpaste, or mechanical to automation, our installers are well prepared and experienced. With today’s innovative and complex equipment, it should be noted, you need a partner who has been there before.

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Through our years of experience, we have custom built a large variety of skids and fabrications. Please contact us for help in customizing a system that absolutely meets your needs.

PD Pump Cart

Pump Cart

We customize your pump carts with PD, Centrifugal, or Diaphragm style pumps that can be pump only or fitted with VFD’s. See More

batch process skid

Batch Processing

We design and build batch systems for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. See More

Inline blending system

Valve Clusters

From beverages to pharmaceuticals, valve clusters are used to distribute ingredients, finished products and CIP solutions centrally and efficiently. See More

Hot water and glycol utility sets

Utility Sets

We offer temperature control units for heating or cooling in support of any duty or size needed in your plant. See More

CIP and COP systems


Single or multiple tank CIP and/or COP skids customized to fit your process. See More

Filtration units


In hygienic processing, pipefitters fabricate and install process and CIP lines for product flow control. See More

Heat exchangers and pasteurization units


We offer a variety of heat exchange applications from tube in tube, shell and tube, to triple tube. See More

UL Certified control panels


We design and build customized UL Certified control panels for pneumatic, motor, and logic applications. See More

Customized skids for hygienic applications


Our engineers design cost-effective, customized solutions to meet your requirements. See More

birdhouse 1

A stainless steel bird house? Yes we did!

What happens when an M.G. Newell engineer and welder who love beer are asked to enter a bird house competition?  A bird house brew house, of course!  The event was a fundraiser for WingHaven in Charlotte, NC and was commissioned by our customer ABV Brewing in Charlotte, NC.  To see it in person, stop by their brewery and visit their beer garden!