Cabinet Washers

Reliable, consistent cleaning for your COP parts

Food and beverage manufacturers have a significant number of parts that need to be cleaned daily; each with specific needs due to varying soil levels, manufacturing processes and soil properties. And, of course, everything needs to be cleaned quickly to keep production moving.

cabinet washer

The automated Sani-Matic cabinet washers are designed and manufactured to address these challenges efficiently and effectively, while lowering long-term operating expenses.

Each cabinet washer comes with an exclusively-designed sanitary spray assemblies that distribute cleaning solution evenly throughout the washer.

The cabinet washers’ spray arms and oscillating high-impact manifolds effectively remove difficult residues from interior and exterior product contact surfaces, while the PLC controls the cleaning cycle to ensure a repeatable and documentable process.

A complete clean, every time! That’s Cleaning Confidence!

The Scale Bucket-Piston Filler-Tray-Pallet-Bucket-Barrel-Hose-and More Washer

The Sani-Matic SaniCab P Series is an automated, versatile cabinet washer designed to improve food and beverage processors’ productivity and cleaning results for a wide variety of product contact items. These items include scale buckets or weigh hoppers, totes, barrels, piston fillers, trays, buckets, hoses, buggies, and more.

Increased Productivity and Repeatable Cleaning Results

Food and beverage manufacturers face ongoing pressure to increase productivity while also meeting the sanitation preventive controls demands of FSMA and HACCP. With SaniCab cleaning cycles as short as 10 minutes, racks designed to optimize productivity, a sanitary design, and documentation capabilities, manufacturers can achieve both.


The SaniCab P Series Configured Design Offering is model key driven and accompanied by a detailed Technical Datasheet for easy specification. If your process requires a system outside of the pre-engineered offering, Alternative Design Requests are accommodated with a custom-engineered solution.

Sanitary Racks Designed and Optimized for Your Process

Each food and beverage manufacturer has different process soils to remove and parts to clean.

Sani-Matic’s engineers have designed Standard Racks for common clean-out-of-place process parts such as scale buckets or weigh hoppers, 3- and 5-gallon buckets, pallets, totes, trays, and buggies.

However, they also design Custom Racks following three design tiers: Customization – Standard Rack, Custom Rack, and Custom Active Rack.

General, Standard, and Custom Racks are detailed in the SaniCab P Series Technical Datasheet.

Why Sani-Matic Racks and Transfer Carts?

  • More Clean with One Machine. With multiple racks, operators can clean diverse process parts with one capital equipment investment.
  • Efficient. Racks are designed for optimized load capacity and intuitive part placement.
  • Safe Transport. Transfer carts assist operators with easy and safe process part handling.
  • Sanitary Design. The transfer cart has an open channel design to prevent harboring bacteria. It remains outside of the washer to prevent the floor’s bacteria from entering the washer.

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