• Quieter operation and smaller footprint enable easier installation and service—the design can pay for itself in energy savings in under a year
  • Efficient, affordable drop-in replacement to reduce energy costs up to 80% being competitively priced vs. AODD pump technologies
  • Only electric diaphragm pump that stalls under pressure, eliminating the need for pressure sensors and additional controls to prevent pump failures and reduce downtime
  • Integrated I/O allows for remote operation and speed control to minimize operator oversight
  • Smart control technology adjusts pump speed to aid in priming or prevent dry running cavitation that damages pumps
  • Plug-and-play installation for fast, easy and affordable transfer operations upgrades
  • Delivers clear advantages over other pumps, including centrifugal, lobe, gear, progressive, peristaltic and piston/ plunger technologies

• Are expensive
• Require a VFD
• Have flow and pressure limitations
• Are not as efficient as QUANTM
• Have a large footprint

QUANTM - Graco EODD Pumps 
Use up to 8X less energy than AODD

• Consumers are purchasing from suppliers that show a real commitment to sustainability.
• Investors are more selective than ever about what brands they support, often based on factors like their sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives.
• Regulators provide a bevy of incentives like tax credits to manufacturers in exchange for sustainability bona fides, like reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions.
• Governments are investing significantly in solutions that help them meet global sustainability benchmarks

  • Talk to your energy provider.
  • Determine how much compressed air is costing you.
  • Find out what incentives you qualify for.
  • Decreased energy use.
  • Less use of compressed air.
  • Quick installation for less downtime.
  • Less specialized training & manpower required.
  • Up to 80% less energy use than AODD.
  • Plug-and-play into any 110V-240V outlet.
  • Initial Cost Comparable with AODD.
  • ROI: 1 year.
  • Establish baselines. Know how much energy you use today,
    even if it’s just a ballpark.
  • Invest in efficient equipment and practices. From pumps to
    lighting, the electric technologies outlined in this e-book are
    great places to start outfitting your facility for the sustainability focused future.
  • Collect and interpret data. If you’re replacing equipment, know how much energy and money it’s saving you. It’ll show you where your investments are having the most impact and identify more areas of opportunity.
  • Set specific goals. Once you start saving, don’t rest on your laurels. Using the information you collect, set milestones for your company to hit next, like kWh caps and recycling volume.

The recent development of our electric-operated double diaphragm (EODD) pump allows us to bring cost-saving ideas to manufacturers of all sizes.